Tag: April 18, 2012

Psychiatrische „Gender Bias“ gegenüber Männern

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In einer Studie aus dem Jahre 2004 kamen Folingstad et al. ua. zum Schluss, dass gleiche männliche und weibliche Verhaltenswesen, bei Männern durch Kliniker als gewalttätiger eingestuft wurden als bei Frauen.

Dutton, Corvo 2006 (473) fassen zusammen:

Two scenarios describing the context and psychologically abusive behaviors with the genders reversed were given to 449 clinicians (56% male), median age 52. Psychologists rated male perpetrated behavior as more abusive and severe than the wife’s use of the same actions. Contextual factors (frequency/intent/ perception of recipient) did not affect this tendency. The items rated as significantly more abusive if performed by a man included “made to account for whereabouts at all times,” “would not allow to look at members of same sex,” “threatened to have committed to an institution” and “made derogatory comments.” The significance on these items was independent of the sex of the psychologist. As Follingstad et al. concluded, “the stereotypical association between physical aggression and males appears to extend to an association of psychological abuse and males” (p. 447). Unfortunately this sometimes leads to serious problems.

Eine Bias gegenüber Männern ist folglich auch in therapeutischen Berufen ersichtlich.